Economic and financial review


The commercial transformation is driving growth in loyal and digital customers, reflected in greater business in almost all markets

Loyal customers* Millions

Loyal customers

Digital customers

(*) Banco Popular customer integration in March 2018.


Santander is a predictable, profitable and efficient bank, with a business model that enables us to obtain higher profits in a recurring way

Attributable profit EUR million

Attributable profit

Earning per share Euros

Earning per share


Santander is strengthening its capital ratios and improving credit quality while remaining among the leading banks in profitability.

Fully loaded CET1* %

Fully Loaded CET1

Tangible capital per share Euros

Tangible capital per share

(*) Using the IFRS 9 transitional arrangements.

Our balanced geographic diversification has been key to deliver stable and predictable growth

Colombia Peru Uruguay
  1. 2018 underlying profit. Excluding Corporate Centre and Spain real estate activity. For further details, see more information in sections 3 and 4 of the Economic and financial review chapter.
  2. Loans. UK: lending comprises UK mortgages (excluding social housing), consumer credit and commercial lending (excluding financial institutions). Poland: including Santander Consumer Finance business (SCF); US: in the states where the Group operates. SCF: Top3 in our main markets in new lending of auto loans.

Países principales Main countries
Santander Consumer Finance Santander Consumer Finance
Otros países Other countries