Our core strengths

Building a responsible  bank from our core strengths

Santander is a retail bank with a unique business model underpinned by 3 strengths.

1. Our scale provides potential for organic growth.
  • We maintain a leadership position in our core markets.
  • Collaboration across the Group results in significant cost savings and higher revenues.

Top bank in 6 out of our 10 core marketsA

Spain flagPoland flagArgentina flagPortugal flagChile flagSCF icon

Top 3

United Kingdom flagBrazilMexico flag

Top 5

United States flagAuto LendingB

  1. Market share by lending.
  2. Non-prime auto lending.
2. Unique personal banking relationships strengthen customer loyalty.
  • We serve 144 million customers in markets, with a total population of more than 1 billion people.
  • We have over 100,000 people talking to our customers every day in our more than 13,000 branches and contact centres.
#1 Branch network1
3. Our geographic and business diversification and our model of subsidiaries make us more resilient under adverse circumstances.
  • We have a well-balanced distribution between mature and developing markets, and a good mix of products for individuals and companies.
  • Our model of subsidiaries, autonomous in liquidity and capital, allows the Group to mitigate the risk that the difficulties of one subsidiary affect the rest.
  • Subsidiaries are managed by local teams providing the best customers knowledge within their markets.
Balanced diversificationA
Balanced diversification
  1. Underlying attributable profit 2018, excluding Corporate Centre and Spain Real Estate Activity. For further details, see more information in sections 3 and 4 of the Economic and financial review chapter.

Our strengths have historically resulted in:

Higher earnings predictability

Over the last 20 years, earnings have increased x4 with low volatility

Resilient profit generation throughout the cycle

Group net operating incomeA (EUR billion)

Resilient profit generation throughout the cycle
  1. Net operating income = Total income-operating expenses.
Our vision and our strengths are sound pillars to face potential challenges:
  • Our strong balance sheet and our model of subsidiaries make us less vulnerable to face a potentially adverse macro environment.
  • Our scale and best-in-class efficiency ratio mitigate potential impacts from increases in costs of doing business.
  • We are transforming our core banks while launching innovative ventures to address challenges emerging from the new digital era.
  • We have a clear focus on acting responsibly to meet higher expectations from our stakeholders.

1. Excluding Chinese banks and Sberbank.