Our digital transformation

Our progress is powered by digital transformation, which is a key to success in the new economic environment

The digital transformation of our core banks is focused on two customer priorities in order to continue to deliver the best customer service:


Offer all our products and services through end to end digital channels


Deliver all products and services in a fast and efficient way

We are transforming our core banks in five ways:

  • Transforming the FRONT
    Making all products and services available in digital channels (end-to-end)
  • Transforming the BACK
    Re-engineering, digitising and automating all our processes
  • Evolving our IT architecture and systems
    Our core banking system is a structural advantage
  • Onboarding new technologies
    Rapid integration of new technologies into our day-to-day operations
  • Becoming an agile data-driven organisation

Our digital transformation is already delivering results
Tenemos más clientes digitales
We have more digital customers...

digital customers
(32 mn in 2018 vs. 16.6 mn in 2015)

digital customers as % of active customers
(30% in 2015)

que tienen más interacciones
...who are more engaged...

monthly accesses per customer to the digital channels
(14 in 2015)

of digital customers access us via mobile apps

realizan más transacciones
...complete more transactions...

more transactions in digital channels since 2015

of digital transactions through mobile apps

y aumentan las ventas
...and increase sales

digital sales as % of total
(15% in 2015)

digital sales through mobile apps

We have launched new digital businesses, which complement our banks and compete in the market
Logo Openbank

One of the largest fully digital banks by balance sheet with a full suite of products and services

+370% mortgages1 (front book)
c.90% asset growth1
+19% deposit growth1
One Pay
Logo One Pay

1st Blockchain-based retail payments solution

Launched in 4 geographies simultaneously

+230% growth in the monthly volumes of One Pay FX transactions from May to December 2018
Logo Superdigital

Financial solutions for the unbanked

c.70% active customer growth vs. 2016 (c.400 thousand)
+130% revenue growth vs. 2016

Breakeven with EUR 1 mn EBITDA

1. YoY growth; digital mortgages were launched in 2017.